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    Process Redesign

    Review and streamline of workflow and processes to reduce or eliminate redundant processes:

    1. Explore the use of technology to automate processes
    2. Review and/or development of performance measures
    3. Development of tracking and measurement system
    4. Development of detailed roadmap of actions for further improvement

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    How to Jumpstart Your AI Project?

    In this training, we will be teaching you about the many aspects of jumpstarting your AI project. Things that you will be learning can include AI leadership, business startups, idea generation, business plan design. Find out more here!

    Guidelines & Code of Conduct

    This community is essentially a platform and a home for AI enthusiasts alike to build connections and interact with one another on their AI journey. We hope to build an ecosystem in which everyone can grow and learn from one another. Therefore, mutual respect and trust is much appreciated from all. At the end of the day, we all share the same passion and interests, regardless of our differences. Lets make this community a safe space. 


    1. Anyone who is a member of AAA and Community can create a public Group.
    2. Anyone who is a member of AAA and Community is allowed to join or leave any Group.
    3. All Groups created must be in the area of AI, machine learning, data science, AI/ML Ops and related topics. The Groups will have to be approved first by AAA 
    4. All activities and content should adhere to the Code of Conduct.
    5. We believe our community of adult learners, researchers, professionals, and students will be responsible and adhere to AAA's Code of Conduct in the use of this resource.

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    At AAA Community, we pledge to make this community a safe space for all. Any types of abuse is strictly not tolerated. We will remove the participant immediately should we find him or her not adhering to our pledge. This will include but not limited to any form of racism, threats, harassments, bullying, and sharing inappropriate contents. 

    We strive to provide a platform that allows sharing of knowledge, education, skillsets and experiences among AI enthusiasts. Whether you are new, or experienced, we welcome you with open arms. We encourage discussions of topics, providing healthy and constructive feedbacks and fostering mutual respect for one another.


    This Code of Conduct applies within all spaces in the AAA Community. The site admins have the right to remove content that are not aligned to this Code of Conduct. They can also suspend repeat offenders.


    Members can report instances of violation of this Code of Conduct using the on-site “Report” feature.

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    Ikigai: Unlocking the Ancient Japanese Secret to help you live a more Fulfilling and Purposeful Life.

    Speaker:  Ms Angie Toh (Peak Performance Coach)
    Date: 25th April 2023 (Tuesday)
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