Aventis Wellness (AW) is an evidence-based Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Counselling Provider. At Aventis Wellness, we recognize the importance of mental wellness and strive to offer affordable and accessible counselling and coaching services in full confidentiality. We bring together a community of industry practitioners, mental wellness experts, university partners, counsellors, therapists and learners.

We are here to support you and all companies towards a healthier and more engaged workforce by providing workplace well-being solutions. Many of our practitioners are highly experienced and come from diverse backgrounds. They offer wide-ranging areas of counselling catered to meet the needs of different companies or individuals.

Therapy Should be Accessible for All

We have developed a few ways to make our Wellness Program more approachable, easily understood and well received:

The social stigma associated with counselling and therapy is changing rapidly. It’s important to note that the counselling and coaching process is unique for each individual. At Aventis Wellness, we are focused on keeping your employees and you happy, engaged, and healthy through our 3 core areas of expertise in the Employee Assistance Program (EAP): 

  • Bespoke Wellness Programs for Companies – Employee benefits program customized to meet each company’s needs.
  • Counselling Services for Individuals – One-to-one counselling with our expert therapists.
  • Lunch and Learn Programs – Curated around "Mind, Body, Soul" and led by our Mental Wellness Coaches

How We Do It?

Aventis Wellness provides counselling and coaching services that are safe, non-judgmental and effective. You can access counselling at any time of your convenience including evenings and weekends, using the communication mode which you are most comfortable with, of which we provide:

  • Online Chat 
  • Zoom Session
  • Phone Calls
  • Face to Face
Lunch and Learn
  • Themed around "Mind, Body, Soul" with the aim of improving employee mental health
  • Led by Mental Wellness Coaches in an informal environment to boost personal, team and business development
  • All sessions can be done in person, while some can be done virtually
Bespoke Wellness Programs
  • Scalable to clientele's preferences.
  • Independent corporate rates are also available.
  • The syllabus and frequency can be fine tuned to your company's needs.
  • Comprises lunch talks, webinars etc.
One-to-one Counselling
  • Our Practitioners are professionally trained and our MA & MSc student counsellors are professionally supervised.
  • Counselling would be done one-to-one and we ensure a complete privacy and confidentiality.

Our Aventis Ecosystem

Why We Counsel

Simple. We do this because we love it. Our goal is to provide accessible, affordable and approachable services for you and all companies to achieve greater workplace well-being. At Aventis, we use the scientifically proven organizational psychology and behavioral science to transform how people think, feel, and behave to improve performance at work and in personal life.

Why Choose Us

At Aventis Wellness, we are upfront and transparent with our fees and packages. We provide Bespoke mental wellness and EAP services to businesses and organizations across the region. Such services include webinars, podcast, microlearning modules and AI Powered Mental Wellness Chatbot.


For the exact same therapeutic alliances within a therapy session, Aventis Wellness’ rates are credibly affordable.

Seamless onboarding

With our upcoming Aventis Wellness App, users will find it very efficient to book appointments privately and with confidentiality while tapping onto our EAP with their organization. We have a consistent flow of therapists that will attend to clients in prompt succession.

Aventis Community

We have been in the psycho-educational & coaching field since 2008. We offer credible e-badges and certifications that are well accredited.

  • Aventis Graduate School (AGS)
  • Aventis Learning Group (ALG)

Tech Driven (AI)

Our ALDO application allows clients to self-regulate 24/7 through journaling, microlearning, & safety check-ups via text messages with their therapists.

Data Accountability

We always ensure P&C in all our sessions abiding to the SAC ethical codes. Also, we ensure that our corporate clients who come under our EAP packages receive updates pertaining to what has been working positively for the majority of their staff base through anonymous surveying.

International Affiliations

We work with numerous organizations from all around the world: 

  • Roehampton University of London
  • International Association of Counsellors
  • Association of Psychotherapists & Counsellors Singapore

We Are Not Perfect

While we are not perfect, we are constantly learning and improving our services. We are committed to provide you with the most effective support and we take all feedback seriously.

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