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There is never a better time to enhance the emotional, mental wellness and general psychological wellbeing of staff. Join Singapore's best companies that is taking the Right Step towards improving staff wellbeing and business performance!

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Be a Certified Corporate Wellness Champion (CCWC) and enhance your company's brand and reputation as an organization that takes care of your staff. Certified Corporate Wellness Champion® makes it easy for you to get recognized for your great company culture.

3 Simple Steps to be a Certified Corporate Wellness Champion (CCWC) 

Register for  Any of Our Corporate Wellness Event

Register for any of our Corporate Wellness Lunch and Learn talk or Bespoke Wellness Programs, customized to suit your company's requirement

Complete Our Corporate Wellness Survey 

The Corporate wellness survey makes it easy to survey your employees, uncover actionable insights towards building a better working environment for your employees.

Get Certified and Earn a Digital Badge to Showcase 

Upon completion of the training and wellness survey, your company will earn the Certified Corporate Wellness Champion®  that showcase and recognized your company's great culture.

Benefits of Lunch & Learn Corporate Wellness Talk 

Due to the increasing popularity of bite-sized learning which is generally held over lunch time, Lunch and Learn Corporate Wellness talks allows employees from various teams to connect and learn together. As a result, they are an excellent approach to build a culture of learning and information exchange in your organization. This can promote teamwork and cooperation while also breaking down silos.

Lunch and learn talks *(typically 60 to 90minutes) provide a "safe" atmosphere for people to share and discuss important mental wellness issues and concerns. Besides Lunch and Learn, breakfast talks are also growing in popularity and are typically held between 8.30 am to 10 am.

Attract & Retain  Talent 

It is easier to recruit new employees when you become a Certified Corporate Wellness Champion (CCWC). The retention rate is significantly higher in companies which care for their employees.

Enhance Corporate reputation

Assess and benchmark your corporate efforts in caring for employees. Become a leader in your industry and stand out amongst your competitors today. 

Improve employee motivation

Close the loop between employee engagement, performance, and development. Build engaged, high-performing teams by fostering a culture of trust, inclusivity and care through corporate mental wellness talks. 

Improve Company's credential 

With happier and healthier employees, your company is able to provide better service to your customers. This wins their attention and loyalty. With this certification, your company can also build brand recognition and garner more customers

Organize Your Company "Lunch and Learn" Talk 

Lunch & Learn Talk

Lunch and learn is a great way to allows colleagues from various teams to connect and exchange their views. It's an excellent approach to build a culture of learning and corporate wellness. it is typically 60 to 90 minutes session (virtual or face to face) 

Enjoy Great Savings

Let us help you organize your corporate lunch and learn talks and enjoy great savings today. 

• ($2,500 $2,000 up to 50 pax
• ($3,500) $2,500 up to 100 pax

Get Certified 

Together we will improve mental well-being, and help your organization improve workplace performance and mental wellness. Be a Champion of Workplace Wellness Today. Get Certified and 

3 Most Popular Lunch and Learn Topics 

Corporate Wellness 
  • Creating an Organizational Culture of Mental Health that Reaches All Levels
    Having an employee wellness program should be fun and fulfilling. Let us share with you a step by step guide on how to introduce Corporate Wellness Program into your organization.
  • Strengthen Well-being And Mental Resilience Of Your Organization today. This talk will helps to share and promote corporate mental well-being and foster good mental health at your workplace. 
Mental Health First-Aid
  • Boosting Psychological & Mental Immunity Amidst Uncertainties
    Psychological First Aid (PFA) for Mental Wellness aims to provide you and your colleagues with the basic knowledge and skills to help others who are affected by changes or crisis in their life.
  • Let's work together to build a more resilient company with good mental health. Learn Psychological First Aid to provide support for your colleagues and peers to overcome these challenges.
Mindfulness at Work 
  • Learn how to Apply Mindfulness at Work and at Home 
    Mindfulness is a method for helping us Focus on the Present, bringing our attention back to experience life as it happens and unfolds.
  • Mindfulness is a scientifically proven practice that helps us cope with everyday challenges and difficult times. Learn how to practice mindfulness and develop resilience against mental health issue

Our Expert Team of Coaches and Trainers

Ms Angie Toh

Peak Performance Coach

Ms Angie Toh has over 20 years of experience and shares enlightening stories and case studies that demonstrates how one can conquer negativity and inspire others to adopt a positive attitude through training and private coaching.

Mr Anil Singh

Wellness Coach

Mr Anil is a passionate advocate of mental wellness in schools, workplaces, and personal life. He aspires to motivate organisations and individuals to develop a culture of mental wellness for the staff and clients.

Ms Erin Lee

Wellness Coach

Ms Erin Lee is a Mindfulness & Wellness coach and is a Certified MBSR Teacher as acknowledged by the Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute (MBPTI) of the University of California San Diego (UCSD).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Lunch and Learn?

Corporate Lunchtime talks in Singapore or sometimes known as Lunch and Learn are a series of short training sessions or presentations usually scheduled during a lunch break or sometimes over breakfast or tea break.

Why Lunch and Learn ?

Lunchtime talks are bite-sized learning conducted over lunch and are quite an effective alternative for busy executives strapped for time. One benefit of Lunch and Learn program is that employees can build camaraderie and learn over lunch while having fun.

Lunch and Learn Fee?

Let us help you organize your corporate lunch and learn talks and enjoy great savings today.

• ($2,500) $2,000 up to 50 pax
• ($3,500) $2,500 up to 100 pax

Lunch and Learn Mode and Venue?

lunch & Learn session can be deliver Virtually via ZOOM or in person over (breakfast talk, lunchtime talk or tea time talk) may be held in an organisation’s, meeting room, auditorium, conference room, depending on the size of the audience.

What about Lunch and Learn Meals?

Most organisations cater food and drink for their employees as an incentive to attend the breakfast talk or lunchtime talk.

Popular Lunch and Learn Topics?

The top 3 most popular lunch and learn topics for corporate mental wellness are mindfulness at work, Mental Health First Aid and Corporate Wellness Talk. We can customized other topics according to your needs and interests.

Beyond Lunch and Learn Talks?

Lunchtime talks or breakfast talks give you the highlights of what an actual full day training program is like. For in-depth training, Aventis Wellness can help customized workshops on the full content over 1 to 2 days. Contact us at 6720 3333 or email us at eap@aventiswellness.com for more information

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