When the terms “we”, “us”, “our” or similar are used in these Terms of Use, they refer to Aventis Wellness (the “Company”).

Terms & Condition 

The following are the Terms and Conditions (the “Terms of Use”) which govern your access and use of our website which may be provided or be accessible via multiple websites or applications whether owned and/or operated by us or by third parties, including, without limitation, the website and our related apps. By accessing or using this website, you are agreeing to these Terms of Use. You should read the Terms of Use carefully before starting to use the Website. If you do not agree to be bound by any clause in these Terms of Use, you must not access the website.

Our Therapists and Coaches

All Therapists and coaches are independent providers who are not our employees, agents or representatives. Our role is limited to enabling the Services, while the provision of the Services themselves are the responsibility of the Therapists who provides them.

While we hope the Services are beneficial to you, you understand, agree and acknowledge that services in an online environment may not be appropriate to meet everyone’s needs; may not be appropriate for every situation; and/or may not be a complete substitute for in-person services. If you feel the Services provided by the Therapists do not fit your needs or expectations, you may change to a different Therapists who provides services through this website.

You hereby agree, accept and acknowledge that subject to the below statements, it is your responsibility to determine whether or not the Services will be appropriate for your specific circumstances.

You acknowledge and accept that this website is not designed for or appropriate for circumstances where you are considering self-harm or harming another person, or when your safety and the safety of another person is otherwise at risk. You need to use your own judgement In such circumstances.

This website is also not intended for any information regarding medical or drug treatment. You should disregard any such advise if delivered through this website or through any of our therapists. Please alert us on any contravention from this at report@aventiswellness.com. You must not  disregard, avoid or delay in obtaining in person care from your doctor or other qualified professional based on the information or advice you received through this website.

This website is also not intended for case management and crisis management, and the client agrees that the Therapists will not be undertaking such activities as part of provision of Services.

Payment and Refund Policy

The fees to be paid for the Services are as advertised on this website. All fees must be paid in advance to access the Services. We will provide ful refund payments for a session where the Therapist has been available for less than 45 minutes during a session, for example, because of internet disruption on the part of the Therapist, or late arrival or early departure of the Therapist. You agree that it is your responsibility to claim and prove that a refund is owed to you.

You agree that if you are late for your session by more than 20 minutes, this will be considered to be a non-refundable, no-show cancellation on your part.

Rescheduling or cancellation of appointments

We do not accept rescheduling requests or cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled time. Any payments made towards such appointments will be non-refundable. You agree that for cancellation of appointments, we will charge you $20 per session for online transaction fees.

Private arrangements outside this website

You agree that you will not, nor attempt to, make private arrangements with our therapists to provide any service competitive with any service then offered by the Company on the Website without the prior express consent of the Company.

You agree that the Company has the right to delete your account and/or refuse to provide any further Services (whether paid for in advance or not) in the event you breach this provision.

Privacy and Security

Protecting and safeguarding any information you provide through the Website is important to us. Information about our security and privacy practices can be found on our Privacy Policy.


No recording of session by client

You agree that you will not carry out any video- or audio-recording during the session, without the prior express consent of your Therapist.

Informed consent

You agree, acknowledge and accept that all input given, statements made and suggestions provided by Therapists during the sessions are only for your consideration. The client agrees that the client is solely responsible for any decisions that the client makes (including acting upon them) as a result of their discussions with a Therapist during a session.


To ensure that the counselling services provided are of high quality, the client consents to video, audio and text recording of the session for the sole purpose of the Therapist’s clinical supervision. The client agrees that if the client prefers that a session not be recorded for any reason, the client will give prior notice of this to the Therapist.

Subject to the above in this clause, Therapists will not disclose any information that may identify the client without the client’s prior express consent, except when required by law.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability




If the applicable law does not allow the limitation of liability as set forth above, the limitation will be deemed modified solely to the extent necessary to comply with applicable law.

For avoidance of any doubt, this clause shall survive the termination or expiration of these Terms of Use.

Your account, representations, conduct and commitments

You hereby confirm that you are legally able to consent to receive Services, or have the consent of a parent or guardian, and that you are legally able to enter into a contract.

You hereby confirm and agree that all the information that you provided in or through the Website, and the information that you will provide in or through the Website in the future, is accurate, true, current and complete. Furthermore, you agree that during the term of these Terms of Use you will make sure to maintain and update this information so it will continue to be accurate, current and complete.

You agree, confirm and acknowledge that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and any other security information related to your account (collectively “Account Access”). We advise you to change your password frequently and to take extra care in safeguarding your password.

You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorised use of your Account Access or any other concern for breach of your account security.

You agree, confirm and acknowledge that we will not be liable for any loss or damage that incurred as a result of someone else using your account, either with or without your consent and/or knowledge.

You agree, confirm and acknowledge that you are solely and fully liable and responsible for all activities performed using your Account Access. You further acknowledge and agree that we will hold you liable and responsible for any damage or loss incurred as a result of the use of your Account Access by any person whether authorised by you or not, and you agree to indemnify us for any such damage or loss.

You agree and confirm that your use of the Website, including the Services, are for your own personal use only and that you are not using this website for or behalf of any other person or organisation.

You agree and commit not to interfere with or disrupt, or attempt to interfere with or disrupt, any of our systems, services, servers, networks or infrastructure, or any of the Website’s systems, services, servers, networks or infrastructure, including without limitation obtaining unauthorised access to the aforementioned.

You agree and commit not to make any use of the Website for the posting, sending or delivering of either of the following:

  • unsolicited email and/or advertisement or promotion of goods and services;
  • malicious software or code;
  • unlawful, harassing, privacy invading, abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene, racist or potentially harmful content;
  • any content that infringes a third party right including intellectual property rights;
  • any content that may cause damage to a third party;
  • any content which may constitute, cause or encourage a criminal action or violate any applicable law.

You agree and commit not to violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, statute, ordinance, rule, regulation or ethical code in relation to your use of the Website and your relationship with the Therapists and us.

If you receive any file from us or from a Therapist, whether through the Website or not, you agree to check and scan this file for any virus or malicious software prior to opening or using this file.

You will indemnify us, defend us, and hold us (including our shareholders, directors, officer and employees) and the Therapists harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, causes of action, demands, costs, liabilities or expenses (including, but not limited to, legal fees and disbursements on a full indemnity basis) arising out of or relating to any of the following:

  • your access or use of the Website;
  • any actions made with your account or Account Access whether by you or by someone else;
  • your breach of any of the provisions of these Terms of Use;
  • non-payment for any of the services (including Services) which were provided through the Website;
  • your violation of any third party right, including, without limitation, any intellectual property right, publicity, confidentiality, property or privacy right. This clause shall survive expiration or termination of these Terms of Use.

You confirm and agree to use only credit cards or other payment means (collectively “Payment Methods”) which you are duly and fully authorised to use, and that all payment related information that you provided and will provide in the future, to or through the Website, is accurate, current and correct and will continue to be accurate, current and correct.

You agree to pay all fees and charges associated with your Account according to the fees schedule, the terms and the rates as published on the website . By providing us with your Payment Methods you authorise us to bill and charge you through that Payment Methods and you agree to maintain valid Payment Methods information in your Account information.

If you have any concerns about a bill or a payment, please contact us immediately by sending an email to welcome@aventiswellness.com . We will evaluate your issue on a case by case basis and, at our discretion, take steps to resolve any issue, including but not limited to helping you find a new Therapist, and issuing partial or full refunds if applicable.

Modifications, Termination, Interruption and Disruptions to Website

You understand, agree and acknowledge that we may modify, suspend, disrupt or discontinue the Website, any part of the Website or the use of the Website, whether to all clients or to you specifically, at any time with or without notice to you. You agree and acknowledge that we will not be liable for any of the aforementioned actions or for any losses or damages that are caused by any of the aforementioned actions.

The website depends on various factors such as software, hardware and tools, either our own or those owned and/or operated by our contractors and suppliers. While we make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the Website’s reliability and accessibility, you understand and agree that no Website can be reliable and accessible at all times and so we cannot guarantee that access to the Website will be uninterrupted or that it will be accessible, consistent, timely or error-free at all times.


We may provide notices or other communications to you regarding these Terms of Use or any aspect of the Website, by either email to the email address that we have on record, SMS to the handphone number you have provided to us, or by posting it online. The date of receipt shall be deemed the date on which such notice is given. Notices sent to us must be delivered by email to welcome@aventiswellnes.com

Important notes about the Terms of Use

These Terms of Use and our relationship with you shall both be interpreted solely in accordance with the laws of Singapore.


We may change these Terms of Use by posting modifications on the Website. Unless otherwise specified by us, all modifications shall be effective upon posting. Therefore, you are encouraged to check the terms of these Terms of Use frequently. The last update date of these Terms of Use  is posted at the bottom of the Terms of Use . By using the Website after the changes become effective, you agree to be bound by such changes to the Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the changes, you must terminate access to the Website and participation in its services. We may freely transfer or assign these Terms of Use or any of its obligations hereunder. The paragraph headings in these Terms of Use are solely for the sake of convenience and will not be applied in the interpretation of these Terms of Use.

If any provision of these Terms of Use is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, invalid, unenforceable, or otherwise contrary to law, the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use will remain in full force and effect. To clear any doubt, all clauses regarding limitations of liabilities and indemnification shall survive the termination or expiration of these Terms of Use.

Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is the Privacy Officer and Head of Legal. The DPO is a senior staff in the management team. The responsibilities of the DPO are training and monitoring of employees in accordance to the stipulations of the GDPR. The DPO oversees all activities pertaining to the Information Security program; that includes data privacy and security.

To discuss further about our operations, kindly contact the DPO through the appropriate channel of communication.

Our DetailsFor further questions and enquiries, contact us by email lingling@aventisglobal.comTerms & Conditions (AW Services & AW App)  THE PLATFORM AND APP ARE NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE AND ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR USE IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL NEEDS.We reserve the right to modify these terms or any additional terms at any time. For example, to reflect changes to the law or changes to our services. You should look at the terms regularly. Changes addressing new functions for a service or changes made for legal reasons will be effective immediately. If you do not agree to the modified terms for a service, you should immediately discontinue your use of the service.These terms control the relationship between Aventis Wellness and you. They do not create any third-party beneficiary rights. If you do not comply with these terms, and we don’t take action right away, that does not mean that we will give up any rights that we may have, such as taking action in the future.1. Description of the services 1.1 Services

The Platform is used to connect you with a Therapist who will provide counselling services to you through the AW ecosystem.

The Platform’s role is limited to enabling the text counselling services while the counsellor services themselves are the responsibility of the practitioners who provides them. There will be no penalties involved for accidental pieces of advice that were given from the Practitioners to clients if something irrational were to happen to the clients after any sessions on AW. Clients must have their own autonomy to implement insight and make responsible decisions for themselves.

If you feel the counselling services provided by the Practitioner does not fit your needs/expectations, you are eligible to email jeremy@aventiswellness.com. While we hope/pray the EAP/counselling services are beneficial to you, you understand, agree, and acknowledge that they may not be the appropriate solution for everyone’s needs and that they may not be appropriate for every particular situation.


1.2 Register

To access the Services on the Platform you will need to register by creating a Client Account. If you sign up under the EAP package, you will have to receive the access code from your company’s respective party/HR. You will have to upload/take a photo of your employment letter as proof of documentation.


1.3 Persons below 16 years old

We do not knowingly encourage individuals under the age of thirteen (16) to create their own Accounts that allow access to our Services. Mainly because they may not be of appropriate age to receive certain insight accordingly.


1.4 Contact Us

You can contact 68222050 if you require technical support.


1.5 License for App

Aventis Wellness grants and you hereby accept, subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable license to use the App solely to access the Services and the Therapy Services.


1.6 Updates/Upgrades

As a user of the App, you are entitled to receive software updates or upgrades for your mobile devices, and you may be required to install or allow installation as a condition of continued use of the App. Updates or upgrades can be necessary for reasons such as enabling new features or enhancing security. You consent to receive updates and upgrades automatically through the Internet without obtaining further consent each time.


2. Data

By using our Services, you agree that AW can use collected data such as your general demographic & general journaling as a form of an anonymous trend surveying to provide credible and useful data for everyone to understand the human mind better.

We only ban/terminate accounts because of misconduct in accordance. We will only respond to notices of text abuse (by both practitioner or user), serious threats (case-by-case basis), or alleged copyright infringement.


3. Additional Information (Privacy Policy) 

3.1 User consent and Incorporation

When you submit your Personal Information to or through the Services, you consent to the collection and processing of your Personal Information as described in this Privacy Policy. By using the Services, you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, our Terms of Use and consent to our collection, use, disclosure, and retention of your Personal Information as described in this Privacy Policy.

3.2 Changes to Privacy Policy and Effective date

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time at our discretion. Changes will be posted to this page. We encourage you to check our P&P frequently so that you are aware of our current privacy practices. Your continued use of the Services after the Effective Date constitutes your acceptance of the amended Privacy Policy. The amended Privacy Policy supersedes all previous versions.

3.3 Personal information collected

We require certain Personal information which includes contact information such as your phone number, demographic information such as age group, gender, and primary language spoken. SomethingNew encourages self-referral and total anonymity which does not allow any third party to identify specific individuals.

  • Account Setup: When you sign up for an account with us, we ask for and collect information such as your phone number, gender, age, email, etc. We need this information to provide you with the Services. Our algorithm allocates the most appropriate Practitioner to you according to your information given especially your presenting issue.
  • Mental Health Services: Practitioners only refer users to specific hotlines if necessary. We will encourage you to only refer yourselves to your own will.
  • Log Data: When you use our Services, we store, process, and transmit your information about how you use your device through "digital phenotyping" technology, which analyses passive sensory data based on your device used to engage, educate and suggest behavioural activation strategies to you. 
  • Surveys: From time to time we may collect feedback from customers via surveys. This information is used solely to improve the content of our app/web pages and the quality of our service and is not shared with any third parties. Exceptional cases are most likely to be for accounting purposes. For example, Governmental bodies pertaining to our nation’s social sector.
  • Disclosure: The chat function with your therapist can be observed through our AW admin panel system. The chat function is mainly for your therapist to do safety check-ups and appointment scheduling. AW reserves the right to contact your phone number should there be any cases of client disclosure on: 1)If anyone including your life is in danger OR 2)If anyone has broken any form of law. All our therapists abide to the SAC ethical codes & all sessions will be kept P&C.

3.4 Cookies & other tracking technologies 

We may have advertisers that will use cookies. Cookies are small files, typically of letters and numbers, downloaded onto your computer or mobile device when you visit certain websites.

3.5 Encryption & Firewalls

Chat transcripts are encrypted during transmission. We use standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption that encodes information for such transmissions. All Transcripts are maintained on secure servers. Access to stored data is protected by multi-layered security controls including firewalls, role-based access controls, and passwords. 

3.6 Retention Period 

Generally, we will retain your information for as long as your account or profile is active, or for the length of time needed to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. Chats will be stored for 30 days.

3.7 Child Protection 

We do not knowingly collect or solicit any information from anyone under the age of 16 or knowingly allow such persons to become our clients. The platform is not directed and not intended to be used by children under the age of 16.

AW complies with the CYP Act (Chapter 38) of Singapore. Reference: https://sso.agc.gov.sg/Act/CYPA1993


4. Client’s responsibilities

Clients are not to reschedule their appointments last minute (at least 24 hours’ notice). Clients are to pay for sessions (non-EAP package) before their session begins (2nd session onwards).

Clients are responsible for maintaining the security of any password or other forms of authentication involved in obtaining access to password-protected or secured areas. We employ reasonable security measures designed to protect the security of information submitted through the Services. However, the security of information transmitted through the Internet can never be guaranteed. To protect you and your Personal Information we may suspend your use of the Services, without notice, pending an investigation, if any breach of security is suspected.

By using the App, you are deemed to have read and accepted these Terms in full. The App is developed and maintained by SMITIV. Please refer to the privacy policies to understand how data is collected and other insightful information regarding the App below our T&Cs. Feedback can be given directly after every counselling chat and any other information regarding the App’s functions will be conveyed there too.

Please do not misuse or abuse our services. Do not interfere with our services or try to access them in a way other than what we provide. We will suspend, ban, or stop providing our services to you if you do not follow our policies or terms of service or if we are investigating suspected misconduct. Using our Services does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights in our Services or the content you may access. Our Services may display some content that does not belong to Aventis Wellness.

This content is the sole responsibility of the individual who makes it available. We may review content to determine whether it is illegal or violates any of our policies, and we will remove or refuse to display content that we believe violates our policies or the law. We do not necessarily review all content, do not assume that we do. In connection with your use of our Services, we may send you announcements, administrative messages, and other information. You may opt-out of some of these communications. Do not use our Services in a way that distracts you and prevents or diminishes your ability to obey traffic and safety laws.


5. Practitioner’s responsibilities 
  • Uphold standards
  • Be aware of your own capabilities and know when is the right time to refer out client/provide appropriate hotline (suicidal, addiction, LGBTQ+, etc)
  • Full attention on the clients while in session

6. Third parties 

The Platform may contain other content, products, or services that are offered or provided by third parties. Such as links to Third Party Content (including but not limited to links to other websites) or advertisements that are related to Third Party Content.

To the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, in no event shall we be liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect, punitive, exemplary, incidental, special, or consequential damages (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) arising out of or in connection with your use of AW. This includes any loss of data, business interruption, or loss of income and profits.


7. App Store/Google Play Store

When you download the App, you may do so through a third party’s App Store (an “App Store Sourced Application”) such as Google Play or the Apple App Store. You acknowledge that the terms of this Agreement are between You and us and not with the owner or operator of the App Store (“App Store Owner”). As between the App Store Owner and us, we, and not the App Store Owner, are solely responsible for the Platform, including the App, the content, maintenance, support services, and warranty, and addressing any claims relating thereto (e.g., product liability, legal compliance or intellectual property infringement). In order to use the App, you must have access to a wireless network, and You agree to pay all fees associated with such access. You also agree to pay all fees (if any) charged by the App Store Owner in connection with the Platform, including the App. The following applies to any App Store Sourced Application:

  • Your use of the App Store Sourced Application must comply with the App Store’s “Terms of Service” or equivalent terms.
  • You acknowledge that the App Store Owner has no obligation whatsoever to furnish any maintenance and support services with respect to the App Store Sourced Application.
  • In the event of any failure of the App Store Sourced Application to conform to any applicable warranty, You may notify the App Store Owner, and the App Store Owner will refund the purchase price for the App Store Sourced Application to you (if any) and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the App Store Owner will have no other warranty obligation whatsoever with respect to the App Store Sourced Application. As between AW and the App Store Owner, any other claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs, or expenses attributable to any failure to conform to any warranty will be the sole responsibility of AW.
  • You and we acknowledge that, as between AW and the App Store Owner, the App Store Owner is not responsible for addressing any claims you have or any claims of any third party relating to the App Store Sourced Application or Your possession and use of the App Store Sourced Application, including, but not limited to: (1) product liability claims; (2) any claim that the App Store Sourced Application fails to conform to any applicable legal or regulatory requirement; and (3) claims arising under consumer protection or similar legislation.
  • You and we acknowledge that, in the event of any third-party claim that the App Store Sourced Application or your possession and use of that App Store Sourced Application infringe that third party’s intellectual property rights, as between AW and the App Store Owner, AW, not the App Store Owner, will be solely responsible for the investigation, defense, settlement, and discharge of any such intellectual property infringement claim to the extent required by this Agreement.
  • You and we acknowledge and agree that the App Store Owner, and the App Store Owner’s subsidiaries, are third-party beneficiaries of this Agreement as related to Your license of the App Store Sourced Application, and that, upon Your acceptance of this Agreement, the App Store Owner will have the right (and will be deemed to have accepted the right) to enforce the terms of this Agreement as related to your license of the App Store Sourced Application against You as a third-party beneficiary thereof.
  • Without limiting any other terms in this Agreement, you must comply with all applicable third-party terms of agreement when using the App Store Sourced Application.

8. Ownership

8.1 Ownership of Software

AW owns all right, title, and interest in and to the Platform, the App, and the Content, including, without limitation, all copyrights, trade secrets, patents, industrial designs and other intellectual property rights. Upon termination of this Agreement unless otherwise provided herein, all of Your rights in connection with the Platform and the Content, including but not limited to the right to access and use the Platform and the Content, will terminate.

8.2 Trade-marks


Except as expressly authorized herein, the trade-marks, logos, and company names of AW or any of its affiliates and licensors used as part of the Platform, the App, and the Content may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of AW or any such affiliate or licensor. Other products, services logos and company names mentioned as part of the Platform, the App and in the Content may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

8.3 Proprietary Notices

You agree not to alter, remove, deface or destroy any copyright, trade-mark, or proprietary markings or confidential legends placed upon or contained in the Platform, the App, and the Content or in or on any related material.

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3. Development of tracking and measurement system
4. Development of detailed roadmap of actions for further improvement

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