By Marcus Hoo


Have you ever had a day at work when your mind was somewhere else and you couldn’t focus? It might have had something to do with stress, or maybe even stress at work itself.

Stress is a normal part of work and life, but too much of it can have dire effects on team morale and productivity. It can be especially stressful when well-established teams are in place, but getting to know your office mates at lunch or work gatherings can help.

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The following are some strategies that might help you.

1. Stay Organized

Having your items at its place and not needing to search for it will benefit you in two ways, first being you are less likely to be stressed and secondly it saves your time and effort. This is why you should make it a habit to organise your desk properly. At the end of the keep all the things back to their original places so that you see a clan desk the next day.

2. Take Breaks

Nothing can beat a relaxing break during office hours. Take breaks in between your work at least once a day. You can go for some tea or a small walk, which would be the perfect option. Having a walk can also increase your movement throughout the day.

3. Avoid Conflicts

Try to steer clear away from arising conflicts, as conflicts can increase your stress and may also lead to an unhealthy environment. Having less encounters with conflicts will also help you develop a healthy working environment, in which will motivate you to work efficiently, reducing stress.

4. Ask For Help

Sometimes asking for help can reduce your stress levels and also enables you to manage workloads at the same time. It is crucial that you do not overburden yourself with your own workload and do not be afraid to ask for help whenever required. Finally, appreciate each other whenever required to give some motivation as well.

5. Utilize Your Non-Working Hours

The time you spend outside can be a mixture of activities or a single activity which can help you relieve stress. A good end to the day can kill all the stress you have experienced throughout the day. Listen to some good music while returning from office, play some games, meet some friends or even read a book as these are some simple things which you can do to de-stress yourself.

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Stress is something which should never be ignored. You have to practice stress management steps to cope with stress effectively. To stay focused and calm throughout the day a healthy and happy mind is required at the workplace. To control stress at workplace you need to simply use these few stated points for the way you function at work.





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