Mental health will remain to be a serious and significant concern for employees and employers in the years to come, as the workforce and the global economy recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic. This was the key takeaway from the speakers at Luncheon de Aventis. The event was organised to share with the attendees how we can continue to learn and grow together as one Aventis community. This event, hosted by Aventis Centre for Wellness & Organisational Psychology, was organised in conjunction with Dr Christopher Fong’s book launch. The event was attended by over 30 people who are Human Resource (HR) professionals, Psychology students and faculty.

The event kick-started at 12pm, with an opening address by the host, Mr Samuel Teo, who is the General Manager of Aventis Centre for Wellness & Organisational Psychology, Aventis Learning Group and Aventis Graduate School. Mr Samuel emphasised the need for Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in companies given the existing challenges faced by many employees. Mr Samuel also highlighted how attendees can become part of the Aventis community, as a client, faculty or therapist. Next, we had Dr Christopher Fong who launched his new book ‘What the F…. do you really want in life?’ He introduced his framework that gives a deep insight into 16 most common issues in one’s current state. He also highlighted specific areas that are detrimental to one’s mental health, causing stress and anxiety.

Wrapping off the talking segment, we had Mr Jeremy Ho, the EAP Specialist of Aventis Centre for Wellness & Organisational Psychology. Mr Jeremy shared with the attendees what services Aventis Wellness offer and the pressing need for them as evident from the AON Wellbeing Survey 2021. Mr Jeremy also shared the key benefits of EAP and the Holistic Wellness Approach that Aventis Wellness takes. He also introduced two new initiatives that were recently launched – the Certified Corporate Wellness Champion (CCWC) badge as well as the ALDO Mobile Application. 

The CCWC badge is a form of recognition for an organisation’s commitment to employee mental well-being. An organisation would only have to complete a company-wide anonymous survey curated by us and commit to any program offered by us to get certified. The ALDO Mobile Application is an AI-Powered Mental Wellness App that increases the efficiency of communicating with our Therapists through Chat Modules and the publicity of the Aventis Wellness’ Therapy and Educational Service. It has the function of allowing users to reflect through daily journaling, learn through the microlearning modules and grow through effective communication. ALDO also has the 24/7 SFBT AI-Powered Chatbot which gives quality answers to any queries that users may have and quality advice to help users who are facing any difficulties. The event concluded amidst a thought-provoking audience Q&A just past 2pm, as speakers agreed that collaboration will be the watchword for the future of the industry’s efforts towards promoting mental health in organisations. We would like to thank all attendees and speakers for supporting this event. We look forward to having more of such similar events in the future.

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