We are passionate about providing quality counselling, positive psychology and mental wellness services that are convenient, accessible and affordable.

We are constantly on the lookout for like-minded individuals to partner with us as Therapists, Trainers and Coaches

We look for the following qualifications and attributes:

A minimum of a master's degree in counselling or psychology.

Excellent communication skills, and alignment with Aventis Wellness values of being non-judgemental and empathetic in interactions with clients, sensitive to diverse backgrounds (eg sexual orientations, cultural identities, or language abilities) and professionalism.

Current Challenges 

Social Stigma

Most employees shy away from getting help for fear of being judged by management. However, getting help is not a sign of weakness

Lack of Awareness

Most Employee Assistance (EAP) & Wellness Programmes are not promoted clearly & frequently to employees. These helpline numbers are often lost in an employee's inbox


Most employees aren't sure when, where and how to use EAP or don't know its benefits clearly

Improving Employee Mental Health

Strengthen your employees' mental resilience to navigate change and support their emotional well-being through comprehensive end-to-end Employee Assistance programme (EAP). Through structured coaching and professional support, your employee are 3x more likely to improve their mental health.

Benefits of joining Aventis Wellness

We offers various advantages of being an integrated ecosystem players through our provision of courses, training, consultancy and counselling services.

 we intend to add more features to assist with continued professional development and improve access to resources for our Therapists

Let Us Take Care of Your Administrative Load

  • Leave worries about scheduling, billing and marketing with us
  • Easy case management with session notes, client profiles, etc all safely stored in one place
  • Work flexibly, truly – choose your days, hours and workplace
  • Track client progress over time by analysing longitudinal data captured on the platform
  • Send automated reminders prior to sessions
  • Join Us to Grow the Community & Awareness 

    No one should be deprived of mental wellness counselling and coaching. Let us help you walk through this journey. Join us as we strive to do our best to help you and walk through any challenges together.

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    Ikigai: Unlocking the Ancient Japanese Secret to help you live a more Fulfilling and Purposeful Life.

    Speaker:  Ms Angie Toh (Peak Performance Coach)
    Date: 25th April 2023 (Tuesday)
    Time: 4 PM-5 PM

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