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-Sessions typically last minimally 45 to 75 minutes.

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Payment model:

-Bank transfer


Individual Counselling

Irvin Yalom’s 11 Therapeutic Factors:

  • Instillation of Hope
  • Universality
  • Catharsis
  • Information giving
  • Development of social skills
  • Imitative Behaviour
  • Interpersonal learning
  • Group cohesiveness
  • Altruism
  • Existential factors
  • Corrective recapitulation

Corporate Coaching

The basis is to have a “single source of truth” to enhance accuracy, productivity and efficiency overall by saving cost, time on unnecessary tasks or bottlenecks thus helping to free up employees time for more valuable tasks, and prevent any cross-team friction.

Millennial group of young businesspeople Asia businessman and businesswoman celebrate giving five after dealing feeling happy and signing contract or agreement at meeting room in small modern office.

Leadership Coaching 

Leadership Coaching is a developmental process where a leader gets tailored help from a coach to help them achieve a goal and become a more effective leader.

  • Gain deeper insights into your leadership style and related behavioral tendencies
  • Develop an optimal coaching mindset as well as critical coaching skills
  • Understand in which situations coaching tends to be the most effective leadership style
  • Learn practical coaching processes and tools to make leadership coaching more effective and efficient


Mentoring provides young career aspirants with access to experienced Mentor to learn, to network and to grow. One can pick up valuable tips on career growth, leadership management skills and stakeholder communication, amongst many other areas of expertise which the mentor could offer.

  • Connect and engage with experienced mentor from diverse backgrounds and industries
  • Gain insights on required skill sets for career advancement
  • Get a fresh perspective on successful leadership and management styles
  • Receive support and advice on development goals, both professionally and career related

Process Redesign

Review and streamline of workflow and processes to reduce or eliminate redundant processes:

1. Explore the use of technology to automate processes2. Review and/or development of performance measures3. Development of tracking and measurement system4. Development of detailed roadmap of actions for further improvement

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Speaker:  Ms Angie Toh (Peak Performance Coach)
Date: 25th April 2023 (Tuesday)
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